How 5 Easy Exercises Will Lift your Butt in 21 Days!

Published: 16th April 2010
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If You Ignore ANY Of These 5 Weight Loss Rules,
You'll Stay Fat And Frustrated Forever!
If you want to know how to lose weight, while building lean muscle and getting into the best shape of your life, you can't beat the billions of research dollars behind the U.S. Military's most powerful fat-burning strategies used to keep its soldiers lean, healthy & strong! Here are just a few weight loss tips to burn fat fast:
Women want it lifted, shaped, and firmed. Execute these 5 simple exercises correctly and I guarantee your but will be noticeably more rounded and firmer.

1) Feet High Leg Press - This is the MECCA of butt exercises. Most perform leg presses with their feet in the center of the platform; placing your feet high up with put much more emphasis on your butt. As you push, keep feet flat and push primarily off heels.

2) Squats - Perform barbell squats, dumbbell squats, body weight long as your heels STAY planted and don't lift up when you come down, you will feel that butt burn. Beginners should start on the Smith Machine which offers more stability.

3) Lunges - Admittedly, one of my least favorite exercises because I think they are boring. Admittedly, one of the BEST exercises for your legs and butt so I do them anyway!

4) Stair Mill - Now, even if you belong to a gym, there might not be a Stair Mill (not to be confused with stair stepper). This cardio equipment looks like a rotating flight of stairs and is a great way to end a leg workout and really exhaust those glutes.

5) Interval Sprints - You don't need a gym membership or even any in-home equipment for this one; just two legs and a pair of shoes! Explosive sprints give your but a great non-surgical lift that jogging alone just don't match. Alternate bouts of jogging with short sprints to get both the aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

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